The Czech Year 1918 in Photographs

The Czech Year 1918 in Photographs

Our Fight is Just Beginning! / Viktor Dyk

29. 4.   - 30. 12. 2018, Opening Saturday 28. 4. 2018 at 5 pm .

The exhibition has been extended until the end of February 2019

The anniversary of the foundation of an independent Czechoslovakia is commemorated by an exhibition at the Museum of Photography and Modern Visual Media that outlines for visitors the most significant events of 1918, mainly from the epicentre of events, in Prague. The pictures capture the important moments of this year, such as the laying of the foundation stone at the National Theatre, celebrating the independence of Czechoslovakia, the May the First gathering, the removal of Austro-Hungarian symbols, demonstrations at the White Mountain, the demolition of the Marian Column on the Old Town Square, or the return of T. G. Masaryk to his homeland. You can see photos showing the everyday life of the legions on the Trans-Siberian Railway or the arrival of the French legions to Bohemia.

The collection consists of 45 photographs from the Scheufler Collection, which come from the contemporary positives and negatives from  prominent Prague photographers such as Otto Dítě and the brothers Rudolf and Jaroslav from the Brunner-Dvořák photographic studio. The author of the exhibition concept is the leading Czech historian of photography, Pavel Scheufler M. A.


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