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Digitization Studio

An important part of the Museum is the excellently equipped Digitization Studio where photographs are touched up, printed or laminated for expositions and exhibitions; the photographic collections of the Museum are digitized and public commissions including scanning photos, documents and other originals as well as retouching and printing photographs are processed.

For example in the Spring of 2012, the Studio realized a large commission, involving the digitization of 44,230 film frames of "The Seidel Photo Studio Museum" archives in Český Krumlov.

The Digitization Studio uses equipment - scanners and printers - from the manufacturers Imacon (Hasselblad), Epson and Microtek, such as A3 scanners which also allow for scanning of transparent originals, including glass photographic plates and uncut film strips.

A detailed offer of the services of the Digitization Studio can be found at  Digitalizační pracoviště.pdf (909 kB).

Should you have any enquiries or requests regarding these services, please don´t hesitate to contact us at You will receive answers and quotes via e-mail. 

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