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The second part of the Power of the Media exhibition

The second part of the Power of the Media exhibition

From 2.7. 2015, Vernissage 1.7. 2015 at 5pm

From 2.7. 2015 the second part of the extensive exhibition Power of the Media is on view, which is focused on landscape photography, 3-D photographs and silent or sound film. On display are landscapes by famous photographers such as František Fridrich, Jindřich Eckert, Rostislav Košťál, Jiří Bárta, Karel Plicka or Jan Reich, the photographic reproduction of a section of the Marold Panorama can be seen as well - which is the largest painting in the Czech Republic – showing the battle of Lipany in the year 1434 on a scale of 1:10, together with a digital aerial photo of the current state of the former battlefield from Libor Sváček.

The Power of the Media exhibition has been realized in cooperation with the National Technical Museum (, who supplied most of the exhibits from their collections. Of special interest is the valuable film equipment in the second part of this exhibition. Image data for reproducting photos were provided by the National Technical Museum, the Museum of Decorative Arts in Prague, the Moravian Gallery in Brno and by Pavel Scheufler from the Scheufler Collection.

Authors of the second part of the exhibition: MgA. Tomáš Petráň, PhD, MgA. Petr Kliment, and Pavel Scheufler. Curator: MgA. Petr Kliment.

The exhibition will still continue with such themes as cinema, radio, television and new media. The scheduled time for the exhibition to be presented after the opening of its second part is seven years. The exhibition should be completed by 2017, when it will extend to about 500 m2 of the second floor of the Museum.

The vernissage was attended by the General Director of the National Technical Museum Karel Ksandr and the Director of the Museum of Electrical Engineering and Media Hynek Stříteský.