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How to find the Museum, parking options

• Take the route from the train and bus station by foot (both are located in the immediate vicinity); Nádražní Street, Klášterská Street, Masaryk Square, Panská Street, Mirové Square, Komenského  Street, Kostelní Street

• Take the public transport bus from the train and bus station to the bus stop Jindřichův Hradec - Nábřeží, then continue by foot along the route; Mírové Square, Komenského Street, Kostelní Street

• The nearest parking lot (not for buses) is next to the Museum building (free parking); another possibility of parking is in the nearby Mírové Square (paid parking)

• Bicycles can be secured and left on the bicycle stands in the courtyard of the Museum

The entire premises of the Museum are fully accessible to the physically handicapped.