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33 Personalities from the History of Czech Photography

from 24 June, 2012

The first part of the proposed exhibition is devoted to the production of outstanding personalities of Czech photography and acquaints the public with the works of the first 33 of them. Curated by Miroslav Vojtěchovský.


"With the introduction of one photograph from each of the selected authors (and only in one special case, two were selected), the Museum of Photography wants to present in the exhibition Personalities of the History of Czech Photography the wonderful adventure of the self-realisation process of photography in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia. The set of typical photographic images is selected to provide the museum visitors, who haven´t had a chance so far to study the history of photography, a clear, colourful and dramatically built picture of searching for creative ways, similar to those along which travelled the inventors Joseph Nicephore Niepce, Louis Jacques Mandé Daguerre, William Henry Fox Talbot and Hippolyte Bayard, whose efforts bore fruit at the end of the 30´s of the 19th century. "(From the text by Miroslav Vojtěchovský, curator of the exhibition.)

33 osobností dějin české fotografie
33 osobností dějin české fotografie