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About the museum

The activities of the Museum of Photography and Modern Visual Media in Jindřichův Hradec (the Czech Republic) are concentrated primarily on photography but it also covers other visual media.

In its exhibition programme the Museum presents the works of Czech and foreign photographers – the work of acclaimed classic and important contemporary photographers, both professional and amateur.

The Museum has collections of contemporary and historical photographs, photographic equipment and operates a high-tech digitization workshop.

In collaboration with the National Technical Museum in Pragus, an extensive expositon called the „Power of the Media“ has been gradually installed to give an idea of the history of photography and audiovisual media in the Czech Lands since the invention of photography in 1839 to the present.

The total exhibition area of the Museum is about 1,700 sq. metres.

The Museum also presents its own exhibition projects abroad, such as the current selection from the exhibition „Closely Watched Hrabal“, „Via Lucis 1989–2009 / Czech Society in Photographs“ and „Stories“. The Museum collaborates with czech as well as foreign institutions which have the same field of interest.

The Museum is located in the historic centre near the 15th Meridian in the completely renovated Jesuit College, built in the Renaissance style in the late 16th century. The cultural heritage building has many interesting architectural elements, including valuable ceiling and wall paintings of exceptional artistic quality.

The activity of the Museum of Photography and Modern Visual Media is realized with the financial support of the town of Jindřichův Hradec.