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Sami Siva – Fallen Feather

Sami Siva – Fallen Feather

This is a project about my personal journey, about leaving the childhood, traditions and values to experience the foreign world.

The photographs presented in this work are intimate and reveal the life I could have lived, If I had not decided to leave the familiar environment. I was born and grew up in the Indian country, in Tamil Nadu region. I studied electronic engineering and in 2000 I immigrated to Canada where I started from the very beginning. I quit my full-time job in 2008 to become a professional photographer to tell stories which often go unnoticed.

Racism has become very common with the increase of nationalism all over the world. However, the movement of people is not new. Throughout the history we, people, have been moving across continents, which has led to the creation of new things and destruction of the old ones; inventions, art, culture, wars. It is essential for the developing society to overcome the differences and understand each other.

Today, I live a cosmopolitan life. People often ask about my atypical identity. This work reveals the environment of my close relatives which still live their everyday life in the country. I hope that by my work I can emphasise the idea of the necessity to accept the place where we live and people we meet just as a piece of wood caught in the flow looking for a place to stop.