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Steve Mc Curry – Photographer

Steve Mc Curry – Photographer

Steve McCurry - Photographer


This unique exhibition features 72 photos from the world-famous work of the American photojournalist Steve McCurry. The presentation in the representative premises of the museum, the former Jesuit college, allows us to enjoy the larger format and vibrant colour of the photographs which is so typical of McCurry.


You can also see McCurry's most famous photograph, "The Afghan Girl ", which at that time flew all around the world. McCurry made his most famous portrait photograph in 1984 at a refugee camp for Afghanis in Pakistan when the name of the photographed girl, Sharbat Gula, was not publicly known.


This presentation at the Museum of Photography and Modern Image Media is the last of the exhibitions's two year tour of Europe, then the show returns to America. Therefore this is the last opportunity for local photography lovers to see this unique collection of pictures on Czech soil.