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Take part in the photographic competition

Take part in the photographic competition

Take part in the photographic competition "The 2016 Olympics in Photography"

Announcement of the competition, theme, age categories

On the occasion of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the Museum of Photography and Modern Visual Media (hereinafter MP MVM) announces the photographic competition entitled "The 2016 Olympics in Photography". The Museum would like to invite the general public to participate in the photographing of "olympic" and associated events.

The theme of the competition are various Olympic and related events; at the 2016 Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, the Olympic Park Rio Lipno and other similar sites. The contestants can capture photographically Olympians, sports, their family members and acquaintances during sports activities at the Olympic Park or whilst watching the Olympic Games, but also perhaps the Jindřichův Hradec attempt at a Czech record in creating live Olympic rings (30 July 2016). Images can be journalistic in nature, capture the atmosphere or interesting details etc. The competition takes place in two age categories - participants under 15 years of age (inclusive) and participants of 15 years and above. The partner of the competition is the South Bohemian Region.

Conditions of the competition, criteria of the photographs and how to send them to the competition

Contestants are to send their entry photographs to MP MVM in JPG format, min. size 3000 x 3000 pixels (preferably via a server ) to the e-mail address and simultaneously to the address from 5 August to 29 August 2016. Each contestant may submit up to 15 photographs. Together with the images the following info should be sent (preferably in Word) in the following order: name, surname, year of birth of the author, contact telephone number, email address, place of residence, image titles, date and place where the image was taken. It is possible to add further descriptions of the images. One condition is to supply photos without extensive graphic editing.

Selection of the winning photographs, the evaluation committee

The best and most interesting photographs will be selected by a five-membered evaluation committee, set up by the organizing Museum. The main evaluation criterion is the manifestation of originality and creativity. Five winning photographs will then finally be selected in each age category.

Presentation and use of competition photos

Selected competition entries will be published on the web site of the MP MVM and used for exhibition and collection activities of the MP MVM and at the same time for the exhibition activity of the project partner and for expanding the photographic archives of the South Bohemian Region or the South Bohemian Head Office of Tourism and the Czech Olympic Committee. 

Announcement of the winners, awards

The announcement of the winners of the "The 2016 Olympics in Photography" competition will be held in Jindřichův Hradec during a presentation of photographs from the Olympic Park Rio Lipno - the date and location will be announced here on our website. The authors of the winning photographs will receive free tickets to the MP MVM, to the Advent Concert organized by the MP MVM, vouchers for Advent photographing in historical costumes at the MP MVM and to the photographic workshop on photographic printing and photographic publications held at the MP MVM.

We look forward to seeing your photographs.